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The importance of a personal brand – Janice Reals Ellig – CEO Ellig Group


Startling Results of a Recent Gender Parity Survey Draw a New Frame Around an Old Picture

Janice Reals Ellig discusses a recent survey by the Women’s Forum of New York that sheds new light on an old issue–a disproportionate number of women executives recognize the problem of gender parity versus men executives who don’t.

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Congratulations to Margarita Pineda-Ucero, featured in the Hispanic Executive Magazine!

Ellig Group is proud to sponsor Margarita Pineda-Ucero, recognized by Hispanic Executive Magazine for her exemplary leadership. Margarita has experience shaping businesses into inclusive work environments, advising on transformation and leadership at times of change.

Her path through several countries, a C-suite role in financial services, and corporate board positions has shaped her identity as an executive woman. Her journey, she says, has included “profound determination and dedication to my professional career, as well as continuous support from my family, friends, and people who have believed in me or have taken a chance on me.”

Congratulations to Margarita! Please visit the full article HERE. 


Gender Balance on Boards: Five Steps to Achieve Success

How can any corporate board really afford to wait for gender balance? They can’t, not if they hope to remain globally competitive. Here is how to kick-start the process.

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Cheddar TV interview with Janice Reals Ellig – CEO Ellig Group:


Boardroom Bound: What Does Good Boardroom Leadership Look Like?

PODCAST: What does it take to make it in the boardroom?

Pull up a chair and hear from widely experienced senior business leaders. This week Janice Ellig discusses – What Does Good Boardroom Leadership Look Like?

Boardroom Bound shares tactics and strategies to help aspiring and existing board members bring their best selves to the boardroom. From corporate governance skills to business, strategic and financial acumen, this podcast will help you think about who you are and how you operate so that you can build a successful career in leadership.



Boardroom Parity in the U.S. by 2022

For gender diversity, that is. And yes, it can happen—without quotas. Here’s how.

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Holly J. Gregory – Board Lessons In A Shifting Paradigm


What Every Successful Woman Knows

Acknowledged by Bloomberg Businessweek as “the best of its genre,” Janice’s first book offers 12 proven strategies for women who have set their sights on the executive suite. Derived, in part, from in-depth interviews with more than 200 successful senior corporate women, these strategies embody an array of critical dos and don’ts—from building a power base to avoiding becoming a generalist (multi-specialize instead)—and a range of key tactical behaviors, such as bonding with your boss, exuding authority, and seizing the significant and dumping the insignificant. Together these strategies constitute a coherent action plan for getting the power in an organization and wielding it effectively.

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