Our Services

We customize our approach and tailor our solutions to each client’s unique needs, from the beginning of our Executive Search offering through to talent development services offered through our Leadership Practice.


Search is the foundation of our business and frequently marks the beginning of our relationship with our clients. Our cutting edge technology, robust database, and vast network provide a strong launching point. We assess candidates to always evaluate for integrity, character and moral compass, as well as exceptional competencies. We utilize an enhanced role framework, market research, and insightful assessment tools, among other techniques to deliver innovative solutions and panels featuring diverse and highly-qualified candidates.

Practice Areas by Function

Our appointments include but are not limited to functions and roles in:

  • C-Suite, Board & General Management
  • Finance & Risk
  • Human Resources
  • Operations & Technology
  • Communications & Digital, Marketing
  • Business Development & Sales

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We offer our clients competitive intelligence that assess their market position and the talent landscape. Our detailed market intelligence and mapping products help our clients attract the talent that will take them to the next level.


We believe that professional development is a lifelong journey. As we Reimagine Search, we are supporting the entire talent lifecycle by offering personalized executive development that promotes growth and learning. This practice is comprised of four core areas:

Executive Assessment

An insightful and comprehensive methodology for assessing an executive’s key drivers and critical performance factors, providing clients an overall alignment with an organization’s culture, practices, and rewards.


Our post-placement "roadmap" guides leaders in making a smooth and successful transition into a new role through ongoing communication and strategic advice.

Executive Coaching

Customized needs-specific analysis and assessments geared towards high-potential talent and executives who want to increase their performance and refine their leadership style.

Leadership Development Programs

A variety of programs on key leadership topics, including a monthly seminar where Janice Reals Ellig offers advice and insights to talented, board-ready women looking to position themselves to serve on their first board.