Ellig Group is a global leader in recruiting and onboarding outstanding diverse executive talent with the backgrounds and expertise to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We offer a meaningful and holistic approach to talent identification and development through our Executive/Board advisory and assessment capabilities, AI/analytics, leadership development and onboarding programs. Our customized advice and tools support both clients and candidates in reaching their goals before, during, and after a search assignment.

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Championing Corporate Diversity

An award-winning, forward thinking New York City based executive search firm, where championing corporate diversity, equity, inclusion and gender parity is at its core.

We are Ellig Group, the leader in identifying, recruiting, developing, and onboarding diverse executive talent for senior-level appointments in the C-suite and boardroom, ensuring long-term success for corporate America and our nonprofit clients along with the candidates whose careers we champion.

Here at Ellig Group, we believe it is imperative for corporate America to build a reputation of inclusion within all levels of the workforce. Not only is securing diverse executive talent the right thing to do but countless studies have determined a correlation between diverse executive talent and higher financial performance.

Therefore, if a company’s objective is to drive profits, then appreciating the connection between diverse executive talent and financial performance might be something organizations with lower diversity, equity, and inclusion numbers may choose to strategize around—and here we can help.

We know when organizations adopt championing corporate diversity, boosted profits inevitably follow. In addition to the increased profits, companies have benefited by an improvement in quality of talent, increased employee retention and being the employer of choice, and increased employee commitment, loyalty, and innovation. The key constituents are your employees, consumers, communities, and shareholders, and they are all always observing. It’s not uncommon to learn of employees turning down offers from other corporate suitors on the basis of a lack of their peers being equally represented at the would-be new employer.

Take a moment to observe your workplace surroundings. The demand of diversity, equity and inclusion permeates throughout all cultural spaces and can be seen on Madison Avenue and the advertising world, within the federal government, healthcare, education, entertainment and media, in a word the appeal for diversity, equity, and inclusion is “ubiquitous.” If you ignore culture you are diametrically competing with organizations that are listening, acting and leading.

How diversity, equity, and inclusion can have a rippling impact within an organization’s long-term success is simple mathematics. In a homogeneous group, where everyone is the same, you’ve established an echo chamber and ideas and decisions will reflect “group think.” On the other hand, when a group is made up of a cross section of culture with unique voices, you have a kaleidoscope and can discern complexity and craft better honed and targeted decisions.

Executive search is the foundation of our business and frequently marks the beginning of our relationship with our clients. Our cutting-edge technology, robust database, and vast network provide a strong launching point and unparalleled experience for clients seeking diversity throughout all levels of their organization, always providing you with a diverse panel of choices. Reach us if you would like to have a more comprehensive conversation on championing corporate diversity and how we may serve you.








  • “Aptar [NYSE: ATR] has been closely collaborating with Ellig Group over the past 4 years. I have been deeply impressed with Janice Ellig and her team of professionals. Their tremendous, non-traditional network and insights into how and where candidates’ and Aptar’s interests meet perfectly has allowed us to attract several outstanding and diverse C-suite executives, including our CHRO and General Counsel and to widen our lens significantly in our search for Independent Directors. Aptar has been proud to support the bi-annual Women’s Forum of New York conference and being among the recognized companies in the 40% category for our progress on Diversity and Inclusion.”

    Stephan​ Tanda

    President and CEO

  • “I was extremely impressed with Janice Ellig and her team for their professionalism, support, and personal attention throughout the entire process. They took the time to understand our company’s needs and our culture presented us with great options. In the end, we selected one of their candidates, who has been a great addition to our Board. There is no better evidence of a satisfied customer than a repeat customer.”

    Richard Carrion

    Chairman of the Board
    Popular, Inc.

  • “Ellig Group always presents a diversified group of well vetted high-quality candidates, invaluable in helping expand board diversity. One of the great strengths of Ellig Group is their focus on the client’s needs and cultural fit. A great deal of time was spent understanding what was important to us, also how this search fit into future needs. Particularly impressive is the follow-up. We could not be happier with both the process and the result.”

    Mary Farrell

    Chair, Fidelity Funds; President & Board Director, Howard Gilman Foundation

  • “Entrusting your professional livelihood to others requires an extraordinary leap of faith. You must have confidence in their ability to understand your aspirations, represent your best interests, and be your champion and critic. Ellig Group understands the “how” of something getting done is as important as the “what” that gets done. Janice speaks truth to power – and is not afraid to advise me when I misstep or need to be bolder. She can read the political landscape, and has helped me recalibrate my thinking or position to my great advantage.”

    Sharon Greenberger

    President and Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA of Greater New York