Open Letter From the Leaders of the Partnership for NYC

As the very roots of Ellig Group are founded on the pursuit of diversity, inclusion, and equality, we proudly stand with the nearly 200 NYC business leaders and the Open Letter From Leaders of the Partnership for New York City published on June 2, 2020.

We can choose to see this terrible time as a crisis, or we can choose to see it as an opportunity to make real, lasting changes to address inequality.

As citizens of the greatest city, located in the greatest country, we know we can do much better. We pledge to do all we can to support these efforts. We pledge to continue to promote gender and racial parity in the C-Suite and the Boardroom. Because diverse leadership teams result in more innovative and successful organizations, securing gender and racial parity in C-Suites and Boardrooms is the cornerstone of our 43-year legacy and continued pursuit of change.

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