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Closing Bell at Cheddar: Gender equality in corporate America


Boardroom Bound: The Secrets of the Board Director Search with Nicole Sandford

At times, the process boards use to actively recruit and add new directors to their team can be confusing. It’s critical to understand the recruiting landscape while working to land a board seat but it can be difficult to answer these questions independently. In this episode of Boardroom Bound, Nicole Sandford provides valuable background and insight to the board director search industry. She speaks about her innovative methods on managing legal and regulatory compliance risk across the entire enterprise. Nicole

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2018 Distinguished Performance Awards Dinner

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How Can Boards & C-Suites Increase Gender Diversity?

By Janice Ellig When it comes to the topic of diversity and inclusion (moniker D&I) and breaking down barriers in the workforce, there is no lack of conversation. The best intentions and programs are abundant in corporate America to create a diverse and inclusive workforce, yet the results, the numbers fall short. Personally, I am cautiously optimistic. As companies are honored (upcoming 2019 Breakfast of Corporate Champions) for their inclusive and diverse cultures, other companies will not want to be

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