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Reimagining the Diversity of Leadership Through the #MeToo Movement

By: Joy Lillis Last year was one to remember for America. We inaugurated a new President, experienced a total solar eclipse, withdrew from the Paris Agreement and witnessed the rise of several significant social movements. One that particularly grabbed everyone’s interest was the #MeToo movement. Launched by Tarana Burke in 2006, #MeToo spread virally in 2017 across social media and aimed to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. It won the attention of millions

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Chief Digital Officer Summit, NY

Ellig Group is proud to be a sponsor this annual event. Please check the CDO Summit website for updates on this year’s event.

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Herschel Herndon, Thrivent – Driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion During a Crisis


Getting from a Good to a Great Board

You can do it though gender diversity. The qualified woman candidate for your board is out there—if you look for her in the right places and with the right process.

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Why is There Still Gender Pay Disparity?

Pay inequity between genders in the workplace has an effect on corporate performance. Janice Reals Ellig comments on the importance of communications and direct feedback to employees and its Impact on performance.

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Your Personal Brand: 10 C’s to Effective Leadership

A company, an organization, a person all have a brand – it is what they stand for. Your personal brand is your word, your bond, your promise. “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel,” Maya Angelou. It is a journey with building blocks that establish your brand, your overall reputation. In evaluating and assessing leaders for C-Suite and board positions, 10 critical attributes distinguish candidates

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Congratulations to Margarita Pineda-Ucero, featured in the Hispanic Executive Magazine!

Ellig Group is proud to sponsor Margarita Pineda-Ucero, recognized by Hispanic Executive Magazine for her exemplary leadership. Margarita has experience shaping businesses into inclusive work environments, advising on transformation and leadership at times of change.

Her path through several countries, a C-suite role in financial services, and corporate board positions has shaped her identity as an executive woman. Her journey, she says, has included “profound determination and dedication to my professional career, as well as continuous support from my family, friends, and people who have believed in me or have taken a chance on me.”

Congratulations to Margarita! Please visit the full article HERE. 


Janice Reals Ellig at the Breakfast of Corporate Champions November 14, 2017


Boardroom Bound: What Does Good Boardroom Leadership Look Like?

PODCAST: What does it take to make it in the boardroom? Pull up a chair and hear from widely experienced senior business leaders. This week Janice Ellig discusses – What Does Good Boardroom Leadership Look Like? Boardroom Bound shares tactics and strategies to help aspiring and existing board members bring their best selves to the boardroom. From corporate governance skills to business, strategic and financial acumen, this podcast will help you think about who you are and how you operate so that you

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