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Closing Bell at Cheddar: Gender equality in corporate America


How to Build the Career of Your Dreams

From executive recruiting and coaching to advocating for women and minorities to gain leadership roles, Janice Ellig has spent her career helping others craft their own success. In this episode of Talent Champions, hosted by Diana Thomas, Janice shares the big decisions and daily actions that can help you pursue your professional dreams.

A few career building takeaways from this episode…

-Before making a career move, do your homework on the culture. Poor decisions are often the result of a failure to assess culture fit before taking on a new role.

-Invest in relationships. You will need support when you make a mistake or get off track, and those people you’ve helped in the past will be more than happy to stand up for you.

-Find your purpose, love what you do, and make sure you stay relevant even when life demands that your career goes on the back burner.

Click HERE for the entire episode on “How to Build the Career of Your Dreams”


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2021 Women’s Forum of NY Breakfast of Corporate Champions – Sizzle Video

Women’s Forum of NY presents the 2021 Breakfast of Corporate Champions – “Decade of Driving Change” to advance gender parity in the Boardroom.


Congratulations to Margarita Pineda-Ucero, featured in the Hispanic Executive Magazine!

Ellig Group is proud to sponsor Margarita Pineda-Ucero, recognized by Hispanic Executive Magazine for her exemplary leadership. Margarita has experience shaping businesses into inclusive work environments, advising on transformation and leadership at times of change.

Her path through several countries, a C-suite role in financial services, and corporate board positions has shaped her identity as an executive woman. Her journey, she says, has included “profound determination and dedication to my professional career, as well as continuous support from my family, friends, and people who have believed in me or have taken a chance on me.”

Congratulations to Margarita! Please visit the full article HERE. 


Ellig Group’s CEO on Women’s Representation in the Boardroom – Yahoo Finance

Janice Ellig, CEO of Ellig Group and Michael Corbat, CEO of Citi, interviewed on Yahoo Finance for their expertise on the importance of progress and female representation in the boardroom. Watch the full interview HERE



Cameron Ireland, BoardEx – The BoardEx Global Diversity Report

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