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Nasdaq Talks to Janice Ellig about Moving the Needle on Boardroom Diversity

Successful executives understand that a more critical factor than “who they know” is “who knows them” — and how the network views them as a professional.

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How to Recruit Diverse Senior Executives?

Here are five actionable ways to jumpstart an effort to recruit senior executives with diverse backgrounds. Intentionality. The first step to engage with diverse senior leaders is being intentional in your search, demonstrating the right intent to understand diversity recruiting. It is beholden on leaders to internalize the tough questions – Are we being proactive in representing our social, racial, and gender diverse populations? The intention to change and incorporate more diversity in the upper echelons of corporate America takes

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Boardroom Bound: The Secrets of the Board Director Search with Nicole Sandford

At times, the process boards use to actively recruit and add new directors to their team can be confusing. It’s critical to understand the recruiting landscape while working to land a board seat but it can be difficult to answer these questions independently. In this episode of Boardroom Bound, Nicole Sandford provides valuable background and insight to the board director search industry. She speaks about her innovative methods on managing legal and regulatory compliance risk across the entire enterprise. Nicole

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Ellig Group’s CEO on Women’s Representation in the Boardroom – Yahoo Finance

Janice Ellig, CEO of Ellig Group and Michael Corbat, CEO of Citi, interviewed on Yahoo Finance for their expertise on the importance of progress and female representation in the boardroom. Watch the full interview HERE



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